Android Community Month at Delivery Hero

By Sid Patil

The Android community is one of the most passionate and welcoming communities in the world. App developers at Delivery Hero love to build for Android!

Towards the end of July 2022, our Heroes had an amazing time welcoming Android developers from around the world, and participating in local tech events. 

Our experiences at Droidcon Berlin 2022

This year’s Droidcon Berlin happened from July 6th to 8th. An event like Droidcon is a celebration of the best from the Android ecosystem. Delivery Hero participates in Droidcon every year, often as a sponsor, to help enable conversations in the tech community. We were excited to meet the 1500 talented engineers who came to the event!

Our apps are spread across 13 brands in 50 countries around the world, which brings several technical challenges for us at scale. Our engineers are deeply invested in building industry-leading solutions for such large-scale projects. This is why we had engineers and managers from our Android team share our ideas with app developers at Droidcon.

Crash-reporting taken to next-level

Tahsin Dane, Android Engineering Manager, and Sevan Acemoglu, Senior Product Analyst from our Logistics department, took us through the art of navigating a sea of information on app crashes, and using custom techniques and dashboards to help us understand crash reports more easily than with the off-the-shelf market tools available to us.

A complete journey of Android Modularization

Growing apps need to adopt effective strategies to scale up over time. At Delivery Hero, we build solutions – not just for customers, but also for our amazing riders around the globe. Sinan Kozak, a Staff Android Engineer from our Logistics department, discussed the journey of modularization of an Android app. He explained intriguing techniques when modularizing a monolith application, and shared the key to building the foundation of your codebases.

A ride through AOSP’s new colors

In the latest release of the platform, Android 12 and 13 have adopted a new design system with Material You. 

I got the chance to discuss the Android framework in detail, and explained how Android works under the hood with Material 3 APIs. Modern APIs from Jetpack Compose are helping us shape our app designs for multiple brands.

Over 300 people visited our booth at Droidcon, and we were super enthusiastic about sharing more about our various brands at Delivery Hero! We operate in 50+ countries with brands including Talabat, Foodpanda, Foodora, Mjam, and Yemeksepeti, to name but a few! Read more about our brands here.

We were also delighted to attend several talks at the event! Some of our favorites were:

  • Keynote: Now in Modern Android
    The Android team took us through “Now” in Android, an open-sourced project highlighting modern techniques for building apps. Do check it out!
  • 5 Common Traps You Can Step Into When Using Coroutines
    An easy guide on using Kotlin coroutines effectively when writing asynchronous logic 
  • Lazy and amazy – Lazy layouts in Compose
    Building fast, dynamic and adaptive layouts for UIs with Jetpack Compose
  • Optimize your app for large screens
    With new foldable devices in the market, we learned how one can build and optimize their android applications for displays of different sizes
  • The curious case of Android Gesture Animation
    How to build fancy animations using gesture animation on Android

We had an amazing time at Droidcon! You will find us at our booth at the next tech conference you attend! We are truly invested in building and pioneering app development techniques with our solutions, and we are constantly looking for talented engineers, such as yourselves, to join us and build the next generation of software for our apps.

Our involvement in local developer communities

Delivery hero empowers local developer communities, and our team is always excited to interact with engineers at various tech events. This July, we also hosted Berlindroid, an Android developer community in Berlin, and welcomed many developers for a panel discussion. 

Our Hero Miloš Marinković, Engineering manager from our Logistics department, along with the Berlindroid team, eagerly awaited the attendees! 

The panelists included Google Developers Experts, experienced professionals, and new Android developers alike. We discussed several topics on “the hard truths of Android Development” and shared our experiences over a slice of Pizza!

The next time you are in Berlin, check out Berlindroid, and take a look at Delivery Hero’s social media channels to find out about events we are hosting and attending! 

Our Heroes from the Android chapter are some of the most passionate developers you will meet in the community. We love helping others. We create impact – not just by delivering the best experiences to our customers – but also by helping other Android developers.

Interested in working with us and making an impact in the Android community? Check out some of our latest openings, or join our Talent Community to stay up to date with what’s going on at Delivery Hero and receive customized job alerts!

Missed out on attending Droidcon this year? Check out the talks on Droidcon.com

Always feel free to drop by and say hey whenever you see us at an event! We love meeting others from the Android community, and are always happy to share information about Delivery Hero with you all!