13 Nov 2019

GitHub Universe Live @ Delivery Hero

Can’t make it to San Francisco for Universe? Don’t worry, we got you: join the GitHub team to watch the opening keynote of Universe, live here at Delivery Hero.

Date: 13 Nov 2019 | Time: 17:30 | Location Delivery Hero HQ, Berlin

19 Nov 2019

E-OnTech #7 [Theme: Automotive]

We are happy to invite you to our first Egyptian Techies in Berlin meetup here at our Delivery Hero HQ.

Mark your calendars for an interesting evening with us, talking tech and having some food, drinks and networking! 😉

Theme: Automotive; how software is modernizing Germany’s biggest industry!

Date: 19 Nov 2019 | Time: 18:30 | Location Delivery Hero HQ, Berlin

04 Dec 2019

Large Scale Scrum Berlin Meetup

Join us for the “Case study: LeSS Huge adoption in a big German insurance”.

Wolfgang Steffens, newly certified LeSS trainer, will be facilitating this meetup.
He will present his case study of a LeSS Huge adoption in a big German insurance company (you can read up here).
Wolfgang will illustrate what was the starting point, the initial “fake” Scrum adoption as well as the LeSS Huge adoption. We will have an opportunity to discuss what happened and why things happened. The session is interactive and we hope to get many questions :-).
We hope to see you there!

Date: 04 Dec 2019 | Time: 19:00 | Location Delivery Hero HQ, Berlin

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