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Event Date: 18 Mar 2020

Large Scale Scrum Meetup

It’s time for another Large Scale Scrum meetup at our HQ!

Robert is the second Certified LeSS Trainer based in Germany and the first from Berlin. He was involved in both LeSS and LeSS Huge adoptions and co-organized the second LeSS Coach Camp in Berlin. You can read his case study at

In this meetup, Robert will present insights from his case study:

For the product group, establish the complete LeSS structure “at the start”; this is vital for a LeSS adoption. – This is an important LeSS rule and I will use my personal story to elaborate what happens when you don’t put the organisational design in place as suggested by LeSS from the start. I will discuss how we approached an adoption in a context where some major organisational constrained prevented to adopt LeSS as recommended and the consequences from our approach. I’m going to reflect on the critical aspects that we noticed to have a massive impact for enabling a cultural shift that is required for true agility. And I will compare the learnings from a slow growing organisation (adopting LeSS) to a fast growing organisation (adopting LeSS huge), and present parallels and differences.