Get to know our Tech & Product Recruitment Squad

By Lisa Klostermann

We’ve all been there, you find an interesting new position and submit your application. A few days later you have your first phone call with a recruiter who is asking you lots of questions about you and your experience.

In this article, the spotlight is on our Tech and Product Recruiters as we interview them. Get to know who you’ll be talking to if you apply to any tech or product positions at Delivery Hero!

Meet Leyla:

What’s your position and background?

I’m the Principal Tech Recruiter and Senior Manager of the Tech & Product Recruitment Squad. I was born and raised in Morocco. Over the past several years, I was able to gain international experience in France, Vietnam and Germany. I have been a recruiter for 8 years now.

What does talent acquisition mean to you?

Talent acquisition means understanding the needs of the teams within our business and finding the right talent for them. When talking about the “right talent”, it is fundamental for us to understand the applicant’s experience, professional goals and personality to compare these aspects to the needs of the teams in our business. As our goal is to build high performing teams for the long term, we believe it’s the recruiter’s task to make sure that the candidate’s expectations and needs match with our business teams’ needs.

A major part of talent acquisition is to constantly ensure our applicants have a great and transparent candidate experience, regardless of the outcome of the process.

Why did you choose a Squad setup for the recruitment team?

This setup was inspired by the Squad Model often used for tech and product teams. Each individual within the Squad builds expertise in their scope of work and constantly improves. This setup is not only a great way to foster ownership and talent development within the team, but it also helps us to be more flexible and to adapt quickly to changes in the market. Mentoring and knowledge sharing is a major aspect in our Squad. Each Squad member is a consultant within their expertise towards our team, candidates and the business.

What are the Squad objectives in 2019?

Delivery Hero is currently facing demanding yet exciting times. The growth of the company is leading to an exceptional expansion of our tech and product platforms. As a result, the tech and product recruitment Squad is supporting this growth by attracting and onboarding the right talent for the varying needs of the various tech and product teams.

We are looking for different profiles to support the different platforms in Berlin but also in other parts of the world (Latin America, MENA and APAC). Currently we are focusing on finding DevOps, Mobile Engineers, Backend Engineers (Golang, Python, Java, PHP, SCALA …), Frontend developers, Data Engineers/Scientists as well as Product Managers and Product Designers.

What makes you so passionate about your job?

Being a Tech Recruiter combines all the aspects I wanted to explore while studying – I’m in constant contact with people, advising the business but also coaching my candidates to help them find the right “opportunity”.It also requires a strategic and flexible way of working to make sure we are constantly adapting to an evolving market.

Since I am spearheading the Tech & Product Recruitment Squad, my role is very diversified. I am close to my fantastic team and it is a delight to work towards the same goal, celebrating successes together but also learning from each other.

Meet Oskar:

What’s your background?

Hey, I’m Oskar and originally from Poland where I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degree in anthropology focusing on qualitative research.

What’s your role in the Squad?

I’m a Tech Recruiter, supporting our central tech departments and our Austrian brand Mjam.

What makes you so passionate about recruiting for tech?

Each team and sub-department has a unique culture, skill set and stack they are looking for. This makes my job very diverse. Sometimes it even feels like working for more than just one company.

Meet Laura:

What’s your background?

I’m French from a beautiful and tropical French overseas territory called Reunion Island.

I moved to Berlin at the end of 2016. I’ve always worked in recruitment, mostly in Australia and Germany.

What’s your role in the Squad?

I’m a Tech Recruiter.

What makes you so passionate about recruiting for tech?

I enjoy hiring the best talents while constantly staying up to date with the latest technology trends. Moreover, I’m passionate about helping people and our organisation to grow.

Meet Monika:

What’s your background?

I come from Poland, where I graduated from Poznan University of Economics. I started out my full-time career in financial services in Poznan. Since I was a ”too creative” economist, I decided to do something else and learned the design thinking methodology. This was a big change and a great foundation for me to change from the business and finance sector to HR. Before moving to Berlin I worked in Poznan as Recruiting Coordinator. Why Berlin? I followed my heart and my Berliner dream.

What’s your role in the Squad?

Supporting the Squad as a Tech Recruiter.

What makes you so passionate about recruiting for tech?

Tech recruitment is a combination of my two biggest passions: people and new technologies. I enjoy working with and listening to engineers. It’s amazing how they solve and understand very complex problems. I have already learned a lot from them. Tech recruitment sometimes resembles a roller coaster, but it’s so addictive that you will never want to leave this wild ride.

Meet Erik:

What’s your background?

My name is Erik and I joined the Tech & Product Squad last year in July. I was born in Rome and grew up abroad, but am originally from the United States, where I studied International Relations at The Pennsylvania State University. I have been fascinated with living in Europe ever since I was a kid and really enjoy the diversity that Berlin brings with it.

Left to right: Lisa, Oskar, Erik, Patricia, Leyla, Natalie, Austin, Laura, Monika

What’s your role in the Squad?

Currently, I support the Squad with all of the admin and coordination tasks, working as a recruiting coordinator. I support the team with planning and scheduling interviews, taking care of any visa/travel related requests for our candidates/new joiners and tracking existing candidates in our ATS.

What makes you so passionate about recruiting for product and tech?

I’ve always had a strong interest in the various technologies that drive this and other businesses. I’m also very passionate about keeping up to date with the newest business trends. One of the many benefits of my job is being able to do so on a daily basis. I also really enjoy networking and interacting with tech and product professionals and increasing my knowledge about it.

Meet Patricia:

What’s your background?

I’m originally from Boston, Massachusetts where I worked as a Campus Relations Recruiter for an environmental engineering firm. When I relocated to Berlin three years ago I began teaching Business English in a variety of companies throughout the city and to kids and teens at summer camps all over Germany. I’ve been with Delivery Hero since the beginning of the year and am excited to be recruiting again!

What’s your role in the Squad?

Along with Leyla, I recruit for a tech and product platform supporting several countries (foodora/foodpanda, Onlinepizza & pizza-online).

What makes you so passionate about recruiting for tech?

I really enjoy learning about the variety of tools and technologies that our tech teams use to build our products in addition to having the opportunity to talk to candidates from all over the world.

Meet Austin:

What’s your background?

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, United States and graduated from Mercer University in 2016 with a major in Sports Management and minor in Marketing. I began my career in Sales after graduation, working for 2 hyper-growth tech companies in Atlanta. After moving to Berlin in March 2018 with my wife & pugs, I was the Community Manager for a streetwear publication company. Finally, I combined all my previous experiences and joined Delivery Hero as a Recruiter in September 2018.

What’s your role in the Squad?

I recruit for our Global Product teams here in Berlin, so mainly hiring all levels of Product Managers, Product Designers, and User Researchers. Product Management is a relatively new field, so there are definitely a fair share of challenges with hiring seasoned, veteran Product people who can raise the bar in our teams, but it’s my role to go out there and find them.

What makes you so passionate about recruiting for Product?

I felt like I was an early adopter of food delivery services in the States, and I really saw the power of the platforms and how much of a convenience it became in my day-to-day life. I know there is so much more that this platform can do and achieve, and I take pride in finding the right product people to help build our platforms to be an absolutely world-class food delivery platform around the globe. Finding that Product Manager or Product Designer that takes our Product team to the next level is what motivates me every day.

Meet Natalie:

What’s your background?

I was born and raised in Kenya – however my mother is German and my father Israeli (third culture kid at heart). My background is in Psychology with a MSc in intercultural psychology.

What’s your role in the Squad?

I’m a Product Recruiter, responsible for global as well as local roles in product development (including design, analytics and product management). I also work closely together with our product team on establishing a global product recruitment process.

What makes you so passionate about recruiting for Product?

I love talking to people from eclectic backgrounds about work they are passionate about. In my role I am able to do this and also get involved in the strategy of finding the best people in the exciting new sector of product development.

Meet Lisa:

What’s your background?

I have a Master’s degree in International Relations – Political Science and used to volunteer and work with different NGOs. I always enjoyed bringing people together from all over the world to foster exchange and understanding.

What’s your role in the Squad?

I take care of our Employer Branding with a special focus on tech and product. This means that I have the opportunity to share inspiring stories from our tech and product departments with the outside world via conferences, meetups or this blog.

What makes you so passionate about product or tech?

I’m fascinated by the potential of technology and the impact it already has and increasingly will have on our lives. For that reason, I love to constantly learn more about it as part of my job.

If you are now curious about the different positions the Tech & Product Squad is recruiting for, have a look at our career site or feel free to message us via LinkedIn!