Introducing the new Quick Commerce POS Integration API

By Santhosh Kumar Setty

Earlier this month, the Delivery Hero Q-commerce team in Berlin launched a brand new API for its partners, focussing on POS integration for order processing.

Q-commerce POS integration API enables grocery partners to receive and manage incoming orders from Delivery Hero. It is specifically designed to accommodate grocery fulfilment specific use cases, such as indicating if ordered items are partially or completely out of stock.

Who can benefit from the quick commerce POS integration API?

The potential users are the supermarkets that are technically capable of connecting their own ERP/POS systems to the API. Furthermore, POS service providers can also connect to the API and act as a bridge between small grocery stores and Delivery Hero. 

What are the key benefits for Delivery Hero’s partners?

With this POS integration solution, partners can improve their operations by:

  • Receiving orders directly in the POS systems – orders from Delivery Hero do not have to be keyed into the POS systems manually.
  • Unlocking the power of data – using the order data, partners can derive sales insights (top/bottom selling items, peak sales hours, out of stock etc) to spot opportunities in growth.
  • Better Financial Management –  instead of trying to manually keep up with the sales, partners can integrate with Delivery Hero to easily manage transactions and hold precise accounting records
  • Efficient Inventory Management – partners do not have to manually adjust inventory levels after every order, eliminating potential human error. Furthermore, an updated POS system will give the needed visibility to manage proper omnichannel inventory.

What are the key features of this API Integration?

POS Integrated partners can choose to 1) fulfil orders using their own systems (Direct Integration) and call the API to update the order status, or 2) fulfil orders using Delivery Hero Pelican application (Indirect Integration) and receive a copy of their orders in their systems.

The Following is a detailed overview of Direct and Indirect Integration:

Direct Integration – Grocery partners can fulfil orders using their own POS systems. The following illustration explains the overall order flow with Direct Integration. Refer to this API documentation for more details and try our API within the test environment provided. 

Indirect Integration – Grocery partners can fulfil orders using Delivery Hero pelican application. Once the order is fulfilled, they will receive a copy of the order in their webhook. The following illustration explains the overall order flow with Direct Integration. Refer to this API documentation for more details and try our API within the test environment provided.

How can partners get credentials and test the API?

Regardless of whether the partner is a POS service provider or a grocery store, they can try and play around with the test API without having to contact Delivery Hero representatives. The test environment provides an excellent interface for our partners to test all the order fulfilment cases such as 1) fulfilling the whole order 2) partial fulfilment due to an Item out of stock, and 2) order cancellations.

Any partner can reach out to their local Delivery Hero representatives to get credentials of the live stores in their respective markets. They will be provided with a login ID and password, which partners can use to access an interface where they can configure their webhook url, and also get their bearer token for accessing the API. 

Ready to get started?

Contact your local Delivery Hero representative and enter the world of Delivery Hero Q-commerce. If you have any questions regarding the API documentation, please contact us using the email address found in the API documentation.

Thank you, Santhosh, for sharing information on the new quick commerce POS Integration API with us!

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