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21 Jun 2018

GrafanaCon EU 2018, Amsterdam

On the 1st and 2nd of March 2018 the first GrafanaCon on European territory took place in the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’ve had the pleasure of being among the attendees and would like to share some of the highlights and ideas that have been presented at the conference.

by Tobias Kühne | Berlin

07 Jun 2018

Adopting Python 3’s native coroutines

At Lieferheld and, most of our server-side platform code was written in Python 2.7 until last year. I want to share some of our experience migrating elements of this codebase to Python 3 and, in particular, taking advantage of the asyncio module and native coroutines available in Python 3.5.

by Adam Serafini | Berlin

26 May 2018

8 NewRelic tricks – we wish we would have known

Having used NewRelic for more than 5 years, at Delivery Hero we only just recently started taking advantage of a few pretty awesome, but so far unknown/ignored features. Let me quickly go through them:

by Mathias Nitzsche | Berlin

24 May 2018

May Golang meetup @ DH

On Tuesday evening Delivery Hero welcomed many fellow “Gophers” to our Headquarters. Ever since we started to adopt Golang in early 2017, many of us have attended the monthly meetups of the Berlin Golang community. Therefore it was a great pleasure for us to host the event ourselves for the first time. We shared great food from Habba Habba as well as interesting talks with like minded people.

by Guilherme Santos | Berlin

10 May 2018

Scaling-up at a Start-up: Changes and Growth of Yogiyo & Baedaltong

Hello, I am in-charge as a Scrum Master at RGP Korea. This year we launched Squad at out Tech division, and we are attempting a new change in the way that we work at our organization. Through this article, I would like to look back at our Tech organization’s growth over the past three years.

by Nari Kim, Scrum Master | Seoul

26 Apr 2018

It’s all about Vue – Amsterdam 2018

I had the pleasure of attending the Frontend Developer Love conference in Amsterdam this past February and wanted to share some of my impressions from the event and what I have brought back with me.

The conference took place over two days with each day having a slightly different intention. Whereas on the first day we were presented with speakers and topics from the overall spectrum of web development, the second day focused entirely on vue.js.

by Alex Marek | Berlin