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09 May 2019

Salesforce Stories – Insights from our Salesforce Developers Goverdhan and Mantas

Salesforce is the world’s largest cloud CRM system, used by many companies globally. Delivery Hero uses Salesforce to track all interactions with our partners and customers across the world. Mantas and Goverdhan, both Salesforce developers at Delivery Hero, share their experiences of why they became Salesforce developers and what makes it so exciting to work on the Salesforce implementation at Delivery Hero.

by Lisa Klostermann | Berlin

25 Apr 2019

Dynamically overscaling a Kubernetes cluster with cluster-autoscaler and Pod Priority

My name is Miguel Angel Mingorance Fernandez and I’m a Systems Engineer at Delivery Hero, working to ensure high availability in our foodora/foodpanda platform and providing solutions to improve the performance, capacity and resilience of our infrastructure.

Kubernetes is a very flexible system but not perfect. When it comes to cluster scaling, the delays in spinning up new nodes can create latency in dealing with the increase of requests that triggered the scaling, causing a negative feedback because we can’t handle the traffic quickly enough.

by Miguel Angel Mingorance Fernandez | Berlin

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12 Apr 2019

My experience from the Domain-Driven Design Europe 2019 conference

My name is Kostas Stroggylos and I am a Senior Software Engineer, acting as the tech lead for the team building the Restaurants and Internal Tools at e-food. During the last week of January I had the pleasure of attending the Domain-Driven Design Europe 2019 conference in Amsterdam. It was two exciting days filled with exchanging ideas with practitioners and fellow meetup organizers from all over the world, drawing models with strangers, trying to uncover DDD Borat’s identity, taking sketchnotes and using a lot of post-it notes. Now that the excitement has settled, I want to share some of the highlights and takeaways from this event.

by Kostas Stroggylos | Athens

29 Mar 2019

Hacking the DeliveryHack

On Thursday, March 7th we marked the end of the second annual Delivery Hero hackathon: DeliveryHack 2019. With nearly 90 participants divided into over 20 teams, it was our largest internal hackathon to date. To get a better impression of DeliveryHack, have a look at our video.

by Andrew Fiorillo | Berlin

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14 Mar 2019

The benefits of unifying our test automation technology in QA

Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life searching for a theory that would unify the universe – the “Theory of Everything”. Such unification would enable us to understand, explain, and potentially manipulate a complex phenomenon composed of multiple forces. We can better understand how parts are interacting together; opening a myriad of applications from time travel to artificial intelligence. At Delivery Hero we did it!

by Ahmed El-Deeb | Berlin

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01 Mar 2019

Delivery Hero’s impressions of the AWS Summit 2019

Delivery Hero’s DevOps team was very excited to attend this year’s AWS Summit in Berlin. It was a great opportunity to network with fellow DevOps engineers, potential service partners, and the greater AWS community.

by Christos Skevis | Berlin

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