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14 Nov 2019

Building our own Automation and Support Solutions

There are many ways that we impact customer experience. While traditional product and tech teams focus their work on creating a seamless ordering experience, working on our Automation and Support team means contributing to a positive customer experience after placing an order, especially when something goes wrong at some point in the ordering or delivery process. 

by Willian Carminato | Berlin

30 Oct 2019

Inviting Security to the Party – Part I

In the last year, our Restaurant Partner Solutions (RPS) vertical faced a massive cultural change when our containers orchestration migrated from ECS to EKS. Currently, YAML+terraform is the language spoken in our tribe. Before that, we used to speak JSON+cloudformation and it would take roughly one week to create a new service. Since our migration to EKS, we are able to create the service in a matter of hours and our developers are more empowered as we promote the “you build it, you run it” ethos.

by Brenno Oliveira | Berlin

16 Oct 2019

AI Ukraine – Come for the Talks, Stay for Vareniki!

The AI Ukraine conference had its fifth annual gathering at the end of September 2019, and Delivery Hero was out in full force to attract some of the Ukraine’s brightest data scientists. This year Delivery Hero (DH) joined the conference organisers as a sponsoring partner, hosted a booth in the main annex, and brought a pair of speakers from our data science team to share the lessons of scale.

by Andrew Fiorillo | Berlin

18 Sep 2019

Preparing for your Technical Interview @ Delivery Hero

Are you interviewing at Delivery Hero, or are just curious about our tech interview process? Then read on – we want to be transparent about what to expect so you feel well prepared and ultimately, have a positive candidate experience. Our VP Engineering has broken down the various stages of our technical interview process, with many tips, links and insights to help you feel prepared and ready to do your best!

by Mathias Nitzsche | Berlin

04 Sep 2019

A Sprint in the life of a Hero – Part I

Having experienced various forms of agility – ranging from companies who only use Scrum ceremonies as a reporting mechanism, to companies who actually live the agile mindset, get the philosophy behind it and have a shippable product after every iteration and everything in between – I have to say that Delivery Hero understands the agile mindset.

by Alexandros Kechagias | Berlin