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05 Jul 2019

Banabi – How we developed a new grocery ordering app within three months

Banabi is a grocery shopping feature within the Yemeksepeti application that allows users to order more than 2,000 market products and deliver their orders within 15 minutes, with the use of dark stores, along with any other food orders – saving them the time and effort of grocery shopping, cooking and preparing food. Read more about our journey and how we developed this app within three months. 

by Özgür Kara & Editorial Team | Istanbul

21 Jun 2019

Kubernetes at DH: A journey from YAML headaches to Helm bliss

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard the Kubernetes (k8s) hype over the last few years. It has quickly become the platform of choice for running applications for many modern tech companies and Delivery Hero is one of them. What is unique about DH, is that some of our tech teams are very isolated, sometimes even on different continents, speaking different languages, with different applications trying to solve different problems.

by Max Williams | Berlin

12 Jun 2019

DevOps for Machine Learning – What does this mean, and why do you need it?

At DeliveryHero, we build for scale. With an objective of 10M orders a day, in more than 30 countries worldwide, being able to scale our operations, in a sustainable and cost-effective way, is the primary driver of our engineering practices. DevOps is one of the methods and behaviors which allow us to achieve scalability.

This is the first instalment of a series of blog post looking in detail at the relationship between data, AI and DevOps.

by Yann Landrin-Schweitzer | Berlin

23 May 2019

How to use Docker for Frontend Developers

You are all probably familiar with the most common problem of having one big platform – It’s too big to handle, it is hard to understand, it can be tricky to deploy new features and it can be a pain to onboard new engineers. In my team at Delivery Hero, we decided to tackle this issue by using Docker. In this article I will explore how we use Docker for frontend and how it helps us to make all our lives easier.

by Akanksha Sharma | Berlin

09 May 2019

Salesforce Stories – Insights from our Salesforce Developers Goverdhan and Mantas

Salesforce is the world’s largest cloud CRM system, used by many companies globally. Delivery Hero uses Salesforce to track all interactions with our partners and customers across the world. Mantas and Goverdhan, both Salesforce developers at Delivery Hero, share their experiences of why they became Salesforce developers and what makes it so exciting to work on the Salesforce implementation at Delivery Hero.

by Lisa Klostermann | Berlin

25 Apr 2019

Dynamically overscaling a Kubernetes cluster with cluster-autoscaler and Pod Priority

My name is Miguel Angel Mingorance Fernandez and I’m a Systems Engineer at Delivery Hero, working to ensure high availability in our foodora/foodpanda platform and providing solutions to improve the performance, capacity and resilience of our infrastructure.

Kubernetes is a very flexible system but not perfect. When it comes to cluster scaling, the delays in spinning up new nodes can create latency in dealing with the increase of requests that triggered the scaling, causing a negative feedback because we can’t handle the traffic quickly enough.

by Miguel Angel Mingorance Fernandez | Berlin