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16 Aug 2018

Silos: Part I — The destroyer of nations (and tech teams)

Silos. Those great, big cylindrical, tornado-food, towers you frequently see side-by-side on the great plains of the U.S. of A., usually filled with grain or sawdust that are technically the same but are, for all intents and purposes, separate structures. The word has come to also represent business entities that have little to no interaction with others despite being “on the same team”.

by Austin Henry Mackesy-Buckley (Agile Coach at Delivery Hero Germany) | Berlin

02 Aug 2018

A First Taste of the Developer Exchange Program!

My name is Mohamed Moussa and I have been working as a Quality Assurance (QA) Manager at Talabat for four years. Talabat is one of the 27 brands within the Delivery Hero group and is eligible for the recently established Developer Exchange Program, which I had the privilege to test run!

by Mohamed Moussa | Berlin

19 Jul 2018

An Image Server for the Global Web

At Delivery Hero we serve images of food to millions of customers every day. Our centralized image service handles over a billion requests per month and serves these to hungry customers in over 20 countries. We see improvements to our image services as part of lowering page weight, and ultimately part of a better customer experience. While building our image service, we researched ways to minimize transmission time with a particular focus on image formats.

by Andrew Fiorillo | Berlin

05 Jul 2018

Run ML predictions with R on AWS Lambda

In this article, I will introduce how and why our team here at foodora/foodpanda is exposing an API that makes machine learning predictions using R, AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. I will guide you through all the required steps while using the prediction of the food preparation time of our restaurants.

by Giuliano Vesci | Berlin

21 Jun 2018

GrafanaCon EU 2018, Amsterdam

On the 1st and 2nd of March 2018 the first GrafanaCon on European territory took place in the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’ve had the pleasure of being among the attendees and would like to share some of the highlights and ideas that have been presented at the conference.

by Tobias Kühne | Berlin