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11 Jun 2020

Hero Lockdown

I hope this blog post finds you well. It is written in the middle of a global pandemic. While toilet paper and hand sanitizer supplies are running short, we are happy to announce that Delivery Hero is managing the situation well.

In this blog post, I will share what Delivery Hero and my team are doing in order to combat the impact of the virus and get through this together.

by Alexandros Kechagias | Berlin

15 Apr 2020

My Group’s Remote Working Manifesto

In light of the current situation, many businesses and companies have switched to remote work, Delivery Hero included. One major challenge we all face is how to ensure that our work remains efficient and effective during these difficult times. My team and I created this Manifesto a few weeks ago, to make the best out of a challenging situation. Hopefully, our learnings can provide you with some useful tips on remote working.

by Raz Shuty | Berlin

02 Apr 2020

A Backend engineer’s perspective on Delivery Hero’s Pandora

Pandora is the internal name of the Tribes “Foundation” and “Shop”, both serve a different purpose for the consumer platform FoodPANDa and FoodORA. Unlike Zeus Pandora, which happened to be a jar container, Delivery Hero’s Pandora is a fast-paced, multicultural melting pot of generally happy and friendly people. I am here to talk about it with you from a backend engineer’s perspective.

by Alexandros Kechagias | Berlin

18 Mar 2020

Aliza jumps user first into Product Design

In this interview, we speak with Aliza Markovitch, a Product Designer who joined Delivery Hero 1.5 years ago. Aliza shares her journey from starting as an intern to becoming the sole designer on her team.

by Aliza Markovitch | Berlin

05 Feb 2020

First Level IT Support – Career gateway

I have been involved in IT for over 20 years. The last 15 of those I’ve been building and leading support teams. Here are my thoughts on why I love working with first level teams and some of the things I do which I have found worked well for me in building high performing and fun to be a part of teams.

by Ian Davies | Berlin

09 Jan 2020

A Sprint in the life of a Hero – Part II

In Part I of this series, I touched on the structure of our Standups, Retrospectives and explained the concept of a Sprint. In this part of the series, I will dive into detail on how heroes pay their technical debt. Much more importantly, I will share with you how we inform our stakeholders when we have failed to meet their expectations.

by Alexandros Kechagias | Berlin