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24 Jun 2020

The ultimate guide for Microservices’ design

The Process of defining/designing a Microservice’s architecture is always painful and flaky. I used to hear the phrase “make it small”, or “make it simple” and all of those kinds of common Microservices stereotypes. The real question is, how do we measure how small is small? Or how simple to make it?

by Alaa Attya | Berlin

27 May 2020

Designing Your Kubernetes DNS EcoSystem

My Name is Gabriel Ferreira, I’m Senior Principal Engineer at DeliveryHero, and today I would like to share my experience with working with the most critical and “trick” component on k8s clusters, the DNS ecosystem.

by Gabriel Ferreira | Berlin

11 Dec 2019

DevOps for Machine Learning – Part Deux

In my previous post, I touched on the subject of why DevOps for Data and Machine Learning applications is more difficult and costly to implement than on traditional applications. In short…
Wow, Data DevOps looks hard!
But don’t let this deter you. Making some progress is easier than you may think…

by Yann Landrin-Schweitzer | Berlin