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06 Dec 2018

Developer Exchange: My experience at Talabat in Kuwait

Hey, my name is Kristaps Zeibarts and I am a Lead iOS Engineer at Delivery Hero Germany where my team and I are responsible for the iOS applications of the German food ordering brands – and Lieferheld. I would like to tell you about my recent visit to Kuwait, where I met the lovely Talabat team, one of our brands in the Delivery Hero family.

by Kristaps Zeibarts | Berlin

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16 Aug 2018

Silos: Part I — The destroyer of nations (and tech teams)

Silos. Those great, big cylindrical, tornado-food, towers you frequently see side-by-side on the great plains of the U.S. of A., usually filled with grain or sawdust that are technically the same but are, for all intents and purposes, separate structures. The word has come to also represent business entities that have little to no interaction with others despite being “on the same team”.

by Austin Henry Mackesy-Buckley (Agile Coach at Delivery Hero Germany) | Berlin

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07 Jun 2018

Adopting Python 3’s native coroutines

At Lieferheld and, most of our server-side platform code was written in Python 2.7 until last year. I want to share some of our experience migrating elements of this codebase to Python 3 and, in particular, taking advantage of the asyncio module and native coroutines available in Python 3.5.

by Adam Serafini | Berlin

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