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08 Jul 2020

Homescreen feature – an Interview with Curtis Stanier

In this interview, we speak with Curtis Stanier, a Senior Product Manager of our Pandora platform powering the foodpanda, foodora, netpincer and DameJidlo brands at Delivery Hero. Curtis has been at DH for almost one year and shares some insights into the new Homescreen feature developed for our consumer-facing apps.

by Editorial Team | Berlin

29 Apr 2020

Driver Trees — How and Why to use them to Improve your Business

I was introduced to the Driver Tree concept a few years ago at my previous employer. It was introduced by our leadership to support our growth and focus the teams on how they could contribute to the success of the business. It worked. After its adoption, there was a noticeable elevation in the effectiveness of teams across the business.

by Curtis Stanier | Berlin

04 Mar 2020

About Coffee and Dependency Management

You come to work on a cold winter morning, and while you are pouring yourself a warm cup of coffee, you are suddenly hit by a million-dollar solution for a problem you have been working on. Your heart starts racing, coffee spills from the cup, and you wonder; how is it possible that no one thought about this until now? This is absolutely brilliant!

by Barbara Souza | Berlin

22 Jan 2020

Optimize Your First 30 days at a New Job

Practical advice for a smooth transition into a new company.

Changing jobs isn’t something one does often. It’s a big decision. Being a Product Manager requires having both breadth and depth of understanding, which needs to encompass the organization, the business, the people, the customers and the technology. When starting a new company you possess little of this knowledge. I recently went through this transition. I went from having over four years of domain knowledge and historical context to knowing nothing. It’s daunting and scary.

by Curtis Stanier | Berlin