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12 Oct 2018

Designing Microservices with Kubernetes on AWS using .Net Core

In Talabat we have a big monolithic application written in .Net using MS SQL database with a single read node. With continuous growth in traffic and number of users, we are facing issues in terms of performance, scalability and robustness. We have bottlenecks when it comes to releases; independent release of features is a pain. Moving forward, Microservices seems to be a clear solution for our problems.

In this article I will explain the approach Talabat used to design microservices and move to AWS at the same time. This might not work for everyone but for Talabat, it looks very promising.

by Muhammad Umer | Dubai

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02 Aug 2018

A First Taste of the Developer Exchange Program!

My name is Mohamed Moussa and I have been working as a Quality Assurance (QA) Manager at Talabat for four years. Talabat is one of the 27 brands within the Delivery Hero group and is eligible for the recently established Developer Exchange Program, which I had the privilege to test run!

by Mohamed Moussa | Berlin

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