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06 Aug 2020

How our engineers are making an impact with the Imagine Foundation

Many of the risks we face in life are determined by where we are born. Economists have found that two thirds of all differences between two individuals on this planet are driven by this one factor.

Delivery Hero engineers, together with the Imagine Foundation, aim to change that. Together, they support international job seekers by offering digital career coaching services that help people find jobs, giving them access to  a new life and work in Europe. 

by Editorial Team | Berlin

22 Jul 2020

A beginners guide to Variable Fonts (and why you should love them)

I love variable fonts. I’m still new to using them in my personal projects and they still feel magical and too good to be true. This post is a quick guide to variable fonts so that you too can feel the wonder and joy of using them.

by Michael Carruthers | Berlin

08 Jul 2020

Homescreen feature – an Interview with Curtis Stanier

In this interview, we speak with Curtis Stanier, a Senior Product Manager of our Pandora platform powering the foodpanda, foodora, netpincer and DameJidlo brands at Delivery Hero. Curtis has been at DH for almost one year and shares some insights into the new Homescreen feature developed for our consumer-facing apps.

by Editorial Team | Berlin

24 Jun 2020

The ultimate guide for Microservices’ design

The Process of defining/designing a Microservice’s architecture is always painful and flaky. I used to hear the phrase “make it small”, or “make it simple” and all of those kinds of common Microservices stereotypes. The real question is, how do we measure how small is small? Or how simple to make it?

by Alaa Attya | Berlin

11 Jun 2020

Hero Lockdown

I hope this blog post finds you well. It is written in the middle of a global pandemic. While toilet paper and hand sanitizer supplies are running short, we are happy to announce that Delivery Hero is managing the situation well.

In this blog post, I will share what Delivery Hero and my team are doing in order to combat the impact of the virus and get through this together.

by Alexandros Kechagias | Berlin

27 May 2020

Designing Your Kubernetes DNS EcoSystem

My Name is Gabriel Ferreira, I’m Senior Principal Engineer at DeliveryHero, and today I would like to share my experience with working with the most critical and “trick” component on k8s clusters, the DNS ecosystem.

by Gabriel Ferreira | Berlin