A taste of Automation – an interview with Moataz Nabil

By Editorial Team

Get to know Moataz Nabil, Senior SDET here at Delivery Hero SE. In this interview, Moataz shares his passion for automation testing and what aspects he likes most about it.

Hi Moataz, can you tell us a bit about your professional journey and how you came to be Senior SDET at Delivery Hero SE? 

Actually, I started my professional journey as a .NET Developer and was working with the different technologies from Microsoft for Web and Desktop applications, then in 2011 I switched to be a QA engineer, I started with manual testing then I found that I can use my previous experience with .NET in test automation, So I started in the test automation filed with Coded UI test, then I start working with different open source tools and frameworks such as Selenium WebDriver and Java. 

I came to Germany in 2017 and I was working at Zalando SE as an SDET and mainly I was working with API testing using Rest Assured and Java, and also working with different tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Grafana, and more.

Then in I joined Delivery Hero SE ad a Senior SDET and currently, I’m focusing on mobile test automation using native tools such as Espresso for Android and XCUITest/EarlyGray for iOS. 

Your passion is automation testing. What are the aspects you like most about it? 

Automation testing helps developers and testers together to discover if critical functions work at early stages (test early and often), confirms if the software works from the users’ perspective, helps us to deliver the features without critical bugs – test automation is a vital part of DevOps and without it, we can’t complete the DevOps cycle.

What is the best or worst career advice you ever received? 

Actually I don’t remember the worst advice but someone told me before that I can’t change anything in my life or my career because this what usually happens but I usually believe in myself and I have a goal and plan and will reach to it one day. So I didn’t listen to him and I continuing in what I believe.

The best advice was to keep learning, keep practicing, every day I’m learning new things for my career which is something interesting for me. 

What are some of the current challenges you and your team are facing?

As we know, Delivery Hero is constantly expanding into new countries. Because of this, we should always try to think about how we can scale our test automation infrastructure by adding more test cases to increase the coverage of the new features, maintain and revamp our test automation frameworks to be able to deliver our applications in short time with high quality. This is challenging because it requires our teams to engage with all the various teams all over the world and challenges us to understand the business requirements in those countries.

What do you think will be important for software testers in the next 5-10 years? What are some trends you see? 

 We will have a lot of challenges that reflect on our career because the we have significant changes in the business and technologies and we need to increase our knowledge base to be able to align with these changes, some of the tends that I can see are: DevOps, Usability testing for User Experience, Big Data testing, IOT testing, AI and Machine learning, Cyber Security and Performance testing.

You gave a talk at Swiss Testing Day about a mobile testing framework. How is this topic relevant to your role? 

 I mainly focus on mobile testing for both platforms, iOS, and Android, including participating in designing test automation frameworks, implementing CI/CD pipelines, and design custom reports with dashboards for our teams to be able to track the test automation results and coverage. 

Also, I designed workshops for the developers to teach them how to use our mobile test automation frameworks.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office? 

I enjoy walking a lot every day, I almost walk about 5km. I enjoy cycling, spending time playing with my daughter, and playing PS.

Thanks, Moataz! If you’d like to learn more about mobile testing, be sure to keep an eye on our Tech blog! Interested in joining the SDET team? Have a look at some of our open positions here or join our Hero Community to stay in touch.