DeCoding the Journey: My First 90 Days as a Junior Frontend Engineer

10.04.24 by Arkadii Shyn

DeCoding the Journey: My First 90 Days as a Junior Frontend Engineer

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Welcome to “DeCoding the Journey,” our exciting blog series focusing on the vibrant experiences of our tech grads at Delivery Hero. In this edition, Arkadii shares his journey of the first 90 days as a junior frontend engineer.

The First 30 Days: Learning and Adapting

✨ The Welcome

I’m Arkadii. A year ago, I made the bold decision to transition careers and become a web developer. I completed a five-month boot camp and embarked on the job hunt. It wasn’t easy, especially without proficiency in the German language and prior work experience. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the Tech Grad program at Delivery Hero, and I decided to test my skills as a frontend developer.

🛝 The Learning Curve

My journey at Delivery Hero began with a three-month onboarding program. We were introduced to the company’s principles, internal processes, and technology stack. The atmosphere was incredibly friendly and supportive. I got to know my team, mentor, and manager. One of the first things I learned was not to be afraid to say “I don’t know” and to ask any questions. I started familiarizing myself with the team’s projects by studying documentation and tackling simple tasks such as writing tests, fixing bugs, and creating basic components.

Days 31-60: Contributing and Collaborating

As I got to know the team, I noticed their attitude towards learning new technologies, frameworks, and even programming languages. Previously, learning a new programming language seemed daunting and time-consuming to me. However, I realized it was just a mental block. Despite each team member having a specific specialization, there were no tasks that only one person could handle. This inspired me to explore backend development. I began studying Ruby and delving into infrastructure.

The next step in my journey was an individual project to implement the GDPR-compliant Cookie Banner feature. I was a bit nervous since I lacked confidence in my abilities and feared I might not meet the deadline or let the team down. However, my manager reassured me that I wouldn’t be left alone and that they would support me if needed. Throughout the project, I improved both my technical and soft skills and communicated with stakeholders and other team members. My mentor was always there to guide me, never giving me a ready-made solution but skillfully directing me in the right direction. The result of the project was preventing potential GDPR fines and keeping us aligned with EU regulatory guidelines.

Days 61-90: Growing and Impacting

As I entered the third month of my journey at Delivery Hero, I found myself more confident. With the foundational knowledge gained during the initial onboarding phase, I began to delve deeper into more complex projects and take on more responsibilities within the team.

During this stage, my domain knowledge has grown to the point where I can confidently grasp OKRs and actively participate in discussions regarding business requirements.

Additionally, this period coincided with a cycle of feedback exchanges and performance evaluations. Through receiving constructive feedback and providing my own insights, I’ve been able to identify areas for improvement and set clear development goals for myself. These goals are crucial for my continued growth and readiness to transition to the next level in my career journey. This phase has been instrumental in honing my skills and preparing me for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Thanks to the comprehensive onboarding process and the company’s atmosphere, adaptation went smoothly and effortlessly. The diversity of technologies and tasks makes working at the company very appealing, especially for entry-level developers. With all of this and the support from the team, after six months, I already feel like a full-fledged member of the team, capable of solving any task and achieving goals. Of course, I still have much to learn, but there is no fear of failure because I am confident that there are people behind me who will always support and help me.

Interested in kickstarting your tech career with us? Check out our Tech Grad Program. We’d love to have you on board for an amazing experience ahead.

DeCoding the Journey: My First 90 Days as a Junior Frontend Engineer
Arkadii Shyn
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