Delivery Hero’s Tech Grad Program: Empowering and Nurturing Future Talent in our Second Year

15.01.24 by Tuhina Das

Delivery Hero’s Tech Grad Program: Empowering and Nurturing Future Talent in our Second Year

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Our program for new graduates is a great way to start your engineering career, where we provide the support, mentorship, and training to grow your skills. You’ll be part of a group of other recent graduates, and take part in events to grow your professional and personal network. – James Carter, SVP of Engineering

A stellar first year, with more to come

Delivery Hero is launching a second Tech Grad cohort in the coming months! We’re looking to hire a group of talented students graduating in 2024, and can’t wait to embrace them on our teams. 

In 2023, we welcomed 25 incredible tech graduates into our first program cohort. They’ve since engaged in more than 30 learning sessions (both technical and soft skills-based), 10 connection events, and 1300 mentorship hours. This group includes an impressive range of backgrounds, from fresh university grads to former models, law enforcement officers, journalists, and more!

Finding and supporting early talent

One of our main goals for the Tech Grad Program is to boost our talent diversity. To that end, we’re specifically targeting universities and boot camp programs in Germany to find graduates from different backgrounds and cultures to contribute to our missions. We believe that having a diverse team is key to sparking innovation and finding creative solutions.

At Delivery Hero, we’re focused on inclusivity and creating an environment where everyone feels valued and can thrive. Our program is all about bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, and we welcome all interested applicants to learn more about how they can do so.

Developing your career through our comprehensive program

During our program, we provide centralized learning and mentorship opportunities to help you grow into tech superstars. Our experienced senior engineers will be there to guide and support you along the way (as managers, mentors and/or colleagues). 

First off, we are committed to providing a comprehensive learning and development structure for our grads. In the first 3-6 months, you will go through a number of self-service and employee-hosted trainings/workshops relevant to your role and growth trajectory. Topics will range from technical best practices (clean code, using design patterns, writing technical documentation) to behavioural/organizational skills (delivering presentations, public speaking, overcoming unconscious bias). 

To make the transition smoother, you will also be assigned a dedicated senior mentor within the team for the first 6 months. This mentor will be there to support your growth and help you navigate your new position/environment and the Delivery Hero culture.

Additionally, you’ll be completing a starter project with your team in the first few months. This project will help you get up to speed on your team’s tools, technologies and ways of working, and you’ll get to directly implement the skills you’ve picked up through the program/time with your team. This will allow you to hit the ground running and make an impact from day one. You’ll have the opportunity to present your incredible accomplishments to your peers, teams and other stakeholders!

Last but certainly not least, our team will provide ample opportunities for you to get to know your fellow graduates through moments of connection and celebration. We want you to have fun, make new friendships, and make lasting memories during this journey!

Start your career with a top-notch European tech company

If you’re a talented student graduating in 2024, we look forward to hearing from you when our applications go live in April.

By joining Delivery Hero, you’ll be part of a supportive work culture that encourages personal and professional growth. By embracing diversity, nurturing new talent, and providing learning/mentorship opportunities, we aim to create a thriving community of professionals who drive innovation and impact, shape the future of the organization, and love what they do.

We can’t wait to meet you and embark on this journey together!

Interested in kickstarting your tech career with us? Check out our Tech Grad Program. We’d love to have you on board for an amazing experience ahead.

Delivery Hero’s Tech Grad Program: Empowering and Nurturing Future Talent in our Second Year
Tuhina Das
Senior Program Manager, Early Careers
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