How to read the Delivery Hero Tech Radar

By Fred Calvez

The Technology Radar is a concept created by ThoughtWorks which allows us to visualize our shared view on a number of technologies. It supports teams in picking the best technologies for new projects. It provides a platform for Delivery Hero to share knowledge and experience in technologies, to reflect on decisions, and continuously evolve our landscape. A full image of our Tech Radar can be found here.

At Delivery Hero, the Global Tech Council owns the Tech Radar with the input of CTOs of 7 platforms across the globe. Anyone in Delivery Hero can and is encouraged to give recommendations. We segment entries in our Tech Radar by Frameworks, Data management, Languages, and Infrastructure. Each entry in the Tech Radar can have one of the following lifecycle values: Adopt, Trial, Assess, and Hold:

  • Adopt: This technology is recommended for use 
  • Trial: This technology has been evaluated for specific use cases and has shown clear benefits. It typically is fine to use in production but might have some risks attached, so we would recommend talking to other teams that use this technology to learn the limitations, before using it.
  • Assess: This technology has the potential to be beneficial for the company. Some teams are evaluating it and using it in experimental projects. Using it in production comes with risk due to a lack of in-house knowledge, maintenance, and support.
  • Hold: We don’t want to further invest in this technology or we evaluated it and we don’t see it as beneficial. Teams should not use it in new projects and should plan on migrating to a supported alternative if they use it for historical reasons.

We hope that the Tech Radar helps you better understand how we visualize the current technology landscape and what you might be using when you join one of our various tech teams. Of course, this is only a snapshot and the radar will continuously evolve over time with new learnings.