Vendor Portal/Solutions Hack Day 2023

01.03.23 by Josito Hidalgo

Vendor Portal/Solutions Hack Day 2023

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One of the key drivers of productive teams is efficient communication, and there is no better way to foster it, than creating a whole-day event where Developers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Engineering, Product Analysts, and Designers join forces to work on innovative ways to solve problems for our customers.

Who had this idea?

A committee of 6 people planned and executed the event, where over 60 heroes allocated in teams, spend the whole day ideating, coding, testing and presenting the exciting results of their work.

Creativity vs Feasibility

We wanted to make sure all our heroes utilize 100% of their creativity. Ensuring that everyone feels empowered to think “out of the box” and work on alternative solutions was one of our priorities.

Based on the foundation “3 days in a Vendor’s life “ the 8 teams were able to come up with 8 different innovative ideas at the end of the day.

Everyone’s a winner!

All participants spent their day here in Berlin, ate delicious burgers and healthy salads, enjoyed a great variety of cold and hot beverages to ensure their motors kept running… Why? Because there was one more thing on the line: our prizes!

Broken down into 4 categories, everyone voted for the winners of the following categories:

  • For the most innovative solution
  • Best use of technology
  • Best overall solution
  • Jury’s choice

These heroes finished the day with flowers, a trophy, their peers recognition and most importantly, a smile on their faces.

Work hard & play hard

We could not simply end the Hack Day with “just” an award ceremony. We needed more food, more drinks and a live band!With this lovely atmosphere, the heroes stayed exchanging and networking. As my grandma would say, happiness is an enlightened mind with a filled stomach

Would you like to become a hero and experience the next Hack Day with us? We have good news for you, join our Talent Community to stay up to date with what’s going on at Delivery Hero and receive customized job alerts!

Vendor Portal/Solutions Hack Day 2023
Josito Hidalgo
Staff Project Manager
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